A Game Changing Platform for Brands

Now schedule, post and livestream from one place, talk to your followers or customers from one place, automate communication and empower your team to resolve issues faster!

Let’s face it. There are too many Social Media platforms in the market right now, and keeping track of all of them is nothing short of a nightmare.

Helps You Connect with Your Audience on Multiple Platforms from A Single Dashboard

A large number of people are present on each of these platforms, and if you ignore even one platform, you lose a great part of your audience. And as more and more platforms are launched, it is becoming more challenging than ever!  Is it even possible for you to be active on all platforms at the same time while managing countless other tasks?

The only way to monetize your influence is to satisfy your followers by connecting with them with timely responses. The secret recipe to satisfy your followers with the best support or stay in touch with them is through maintaining perfect communication.
What if there was a way to connect with all your followers and customers on all the platforms without burning yourself out?
What if you could deal with all your DMs on various platforms from one place?
Wouldn’t it help you grow as an influencer and make your life easier?

Engage to Grow

This innovative app is created to empower you to connect and build a more meaningful relationship with their followers.

You know how they say, “Good communication is key to success.”

This is why ABRAND is your go-to platform to find out what your audience is saying to you in various inboxes on multiple platforms and send your responses in a few minutes from a single dashboard.

An App that Connects All Your Communication Channels In One Place

Enjoy Hassle-Free Communication…
Say Goodbye to Switching Between Countless Platforms
Post your images, videos and other content to all platforms from one place with one clicl. Schedule them for the ebst times that you expect the highest engagement

Schedule and Post in one place

Livestream your message to multiple platforms

Stream high-quality messages to multiple platforms from your computer

Connect Multiple Inboxes

Tired of going through countless inboxes? Now access your Email, Facebook Page, Twitter, WhatsApp and many other inboxes from one dashboard with a friendly interface.

Live Chat for You

Live Chats are all the rage for you these days. Communicate with your followers using the live chat feature of our app to increase engagement.

Automate Your Responses

Nothing beats fast responses to satisfy your audience. By easily integrating chatbot platforms such as Dialogflow and Rasa, you can reduce the workload of your agents and send faster responses.

Use API to Build Custom Channels

Want a custom solution to integrate any third-party tool? We offer flexibility to build custom channels with AFFLUENCE API.

Ready to Build Better Relationship with Your Followers and Customers?

Imagine all your inboxes and social media accounts are seamlessly integrated to provide easy access for all your communications under one dashboard.

If you want to build a meaningful relationship with your audience and streamline all your communication processes with easy access, automation and tools integration, then you’ll truly appreciate what AFFLUENCE has to offer.

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